From keeping your number to watching free BT Sport: Get started with BT Mobile

You’ve ordered your new phone from BT Mobile. So what happens next?...

Whether you are new or existing customer, it’s easy to get started with your new BT Mobile phone.

Head to Get up and running with BT Mobile to discover tips and advice to help you start enjoying your phone.

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You’ll learn how to set up your BT ID, to transfer contacts and what you can expect from your first bill. Discover more about the fantastic extras you can enjoy as a BT customer, including: free Wi-fi, a spend cap to avoid bill shock and free live sport via the BT Sport app, which is free with your BT Mobile 6GB or higher plan (excluding double data offers on the 3GB plan).

Get up and running with BT Mobile

Get ready - Before you get your phone and SIM

  • Track your order: Discover how to track your order, so you know exactly when the phone will arrive.
  • Set up your BT ID: If you are a new BT customer, learn about setting up a BT ID, which you’ll need to log into your account to view your bill.
  • On the day of delivery: Discover what will happen on the day your phone is due to be delivered and what to do if you need to rearrange delivery.
  • Save your contacts:  Find out how to save your contacts from your old phone, so you are ready for your new device.
  • Keep your old number: If you’re moving to BT Mobile from another provider, you’ll need a PAC code - find out how to get it.

Setting up: Your new phone and SIM

  • Keep your old number:  Once you’ve got your PAC code come online to transfer your number.
  • Upload your contacts:  Learn how to transfer your contacts to your new phone, along with any music, pictures and video you’ve stored.
  • How to insert your SIM
  • Set up voicemail

Get more: Free tools with BT Mobile

BT Mobile offers some fantastic extras that let you get much more from your phone.

  • Set your own spend caps: No-one likes getting unexpectedly high bills, so with BT Mobile you can set a monthly spend cap for anything outside your plan and change it at any time.
  • Get the BT Mobile app: The BT Mobile app lets you see exactly how much of your monthly data, calls and text allowance you’ve used, anytime, anywhere, as long as you’ve got an internet connection.  
  • Free data with BT Wi-fi app: BT Mobile customers can get online free at five million BT Wi-fi hotspots throughout the UK, which means you can use the web without using your data allowance. 
  • Set up parental controls:  If you’ve ordered a smartphone for your child, BT’s parental controls allow you to control what content they can see by setting the content restriction.
  • Get the BT Sport app: Sports fans can watch some fantastic live sport via the BT Sport app including free Premier League football and Aviva Premiership Rugby matches, as long as you are on our 6GB or higher plans (excluding double data on the 3GB plan). Sign up at
  • Invite other SIMs onto your account: If you are a Family SIM customer

Your bill: What to expect

  • When you get your bill: Discover when you can expect your new bill, whether you are a new or existing BT customer.
  • Understanding your first bill: Find out what your first bill will contain, including rental charges, usage and BT broadband discounts.
  • Managing your mobile:  My Mobile brings all the important information about your account to your fingertips, so you can check what you’ve used, change spend caps and access parental controls.

Find out more about getting started with BT Mobile

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