Want a new iPhone? Get more data and free BT Sport with BT Mobile

Check out these brilliant deals from BT Mobile on the iPhone SE.

Last updated: 24 December 2018 - 10.33am


BT Mobile is offering more data on one of Apple's brilliant handsets, the iPhone SE in stunning Rose Gold.

You can get 6GB for the price of 3GB, and 20GB for the price of 15GB!

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Apple iPhone SE (32GB) plans

  • 500MB data, unlimited texts, 400 minutes - £17/month (BT broadband customers) or £22/month  (non-BT broadband customers) for first three months, £60 upfront. 
  • 6GB 3GB data, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes - £22/month (BT broadband customers) or £35/month (non-BT broadband customers), £20 upfront
  • 12GB  6GB data, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes - £27 month (BT broadband customers) or £32/month (non-BT broadband customers), free BT Sport app, £10 upfront
  • 15GB data, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes - £32/month (BT broadband customers) or £37/month (non-BT broadband customers), free BT Sport app, £10 upfront

This offer is available to BT Broadband and non-BT Broadband customers until November 27th.

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