BT Mobile SIM-only customer? See what benefits you're entitled to

BT Mobile customers get extras such as free wi-fi and great-value tariffs, stay with us and continue enjoying these savings.

As well as the latest handsets, discounts for BT Broadband users and plans to suit all types of mobile phone users, BT Mobile offers some brilliant extras you don’t get with other mobile phone operators.

BT Mobile benefits and savings

You get free wi-fi at five million BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK, high-speed 4G in more places, Family SIM discounts for multiple customers and sport on-the-go with the BT Sport app, which is free with your BT Mobile 6GB or higher plan (excluding double data offers on the 3GB plan).  Read more about the benefits in our article 10 reasons for choosing BT Mobile

But that’s not all: to say thanks for being a BT Mobile customer, we’ve got some brilliant deals available when you stay with BT Mobile.

How do I continue enjoying great savings with BT Mobile?

To take advantage of these great deals, log into My Mobile using your BT ID and choose the perfect plan for your needs.

Need more data? It’s easy to swap tariffs…

If you find you keep going over your monthly data or call allowance – don’t worry, you can make savings by swapping to a plan with the number of minutes or data that is right for you. With BT Mobile you can move up a plan as many times as you want.

We know the way you use your phone changes, so if you need more data or more minutes it’s no problem - it’s very easy to swap tariffs.

To move from The Essential Plan to The Perfect All-Rounder Plan costs just £5 a month extra and you get 6GB of data. That means you can go online more, stream more YouTube clips and upload more photos to Facebook.

Don’t forget, with BT Mobile’s new Roam Like Home, you can use your data allowance in over 30 European countries, which means you can use your phone on holiday without worrying about the size of the bill when you get home.

To move to a different plan, log into My Mobile and look for Change My Plan and choose a new plan.

What happens if I want a new phone?

If you’ve got your eye on a brilliant new smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Pixel Phone by Google and want to move from SIM only,  head to BT Mobile choose the phone you want, click ‘Buy now’ and look for the option ‘I’m with BT Mobile’. Read more: 4 reasons why you need a phone contract

Visit BT Mobile to discover the latest range of phones and deals with discounts for BT Broadband customers


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