Protect your smartphone from malware, fraud and more: 7 reasons you need BT’s free security app

If you’re a BT broadband customer, find out how BT Virus Protect software can protect your Android phone for free.

In today’s world, we’re facing increasing numbers of cyber threats, such as fraud and identity theft, nuisance callers, scammers and organised crime – in fact, there are 305 new threats created each second.

We want you to feel secure online and our security software BT Virus Protect is free to all broadband customers to protect your computers against viruses. For mobile devices, we have BT Virus Protect.

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The BT Virus Protect app protects Android devices* from viruses in real time, as well as guarding against identity theft, lost phones, dangerous downloads and more. The app is based on McAfee’s award-winning product. Discover why you need to download it now.

1. It costs nothing

The BT Virus Protect app is free to all BT broadband customers. You can use it on as many devices as you want and it works on all Android phones and tablets*.

2. Virus protection and safe browsing

Once you’ve installed BT Virus Protect, it works in the background to block online threats such as malware, spyware, ransomware, unwanted programs and more.

So you can surf safely, it checks web pages, blocks risky websites and helps prevent dangerous downloads. It checks apps, SD cards and files for viruses, and warns you if it detects something suspicious.

The app also blocks browser exploits and malicious links found in text messages, emails and on social networks.

3. Block unwanted phone calls to your mobile

We all hate unsolicited phone calls, yet one in 10 mobile phone users receive more than 20 unwanted calls in in a month**.

With BT Virus Protect you can create a list of contacts you don’t want to get calls from and block these numbers.

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4. Locate a lost phone and take a photo of the user

Over half a million handsets are stolen each year. If your phone gets lost, you can use BT Virus Protect to activate an alarm and help you locate it. The app can also track its location in real-time on a map and the location can be sent via text message if your phone doesn’t have an internet connection.

To avoid thieves accessing personal information stored on your phone, you can backup and wipe the data remotely, and with Thief Cam, you can remotely take a snapshot of the person holding your lost device and receive an email with the photo along with the device location.

The app also allows you to display a message on screen to facilitate the safe return of your phone or to lock or wipe personal information from lost phones.

A customer who had BT Virus protect installed on his phone managed to get it back thanks to the lost phone feature. “I apparently dropped my phone in Tesco… Logged into this app on my laptop and within 20 minutes I had a photograph and the location of the person who had my phone. Twenty minutes after that I had my phone back.”

5. Privacy for your apps

Use the app to add a six-digit PIN to apps to prevent people who use your phone looking at personal information.

You can also set profiles that restrict access to certain apps, which is useful if you don’t want children to access social media apps while playing games on your phone.

6. Wi-fi security

BT Virus Protect warns you if the wi-fi network you are using isn’t safe and if it detects an attack, it disconnects automatically.

You can indicate which wi-fi access points can always be connected and which should be disconnected.

7. Optimised phone performance

Optimisation tools stop the battery draining too quickly. BT Virus Protect can also clean up your phone’s memory, free up storage space and track data use.

How to get BT Virus Protect

1. Locate BT Virus Protect in the Google Play Store, download and install the app.

2. Click the ‘Get your BT Activation Code’ link and log into MyBT using your BT ID.

3. Select ‘Tap to copy activation code’ and Back to App, where the activation code should post automatically in the app.

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* Google Android smartphones and tablets 4.1 or higher. **

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