In today’s modern world, we’re facing increasing numbers of cyber threats, such as fraud and identity theft, nuisance callers, scammers and organised crime.

BT wants customers to feel secure online and its security software BT Virus Protect, is free to all broadband customers to protect their computers against viruses.

Now BT has launched a version of BT Virus Protect for mobile devices. The BT Virus Protect app protects Android devices from 611 million viruses in real time, as well as guarding against identity theft, lost phones, dangerous downloads and more. BT Virus Protect is based on McAfee’s award-winning product. Discover its brilliant features and find out why you need to download it now.

1. It costs nothing

The BT Virus Protect app is free to all BT broadband customers.  You can use it only as many devices as you want and it works on all Android phones and tablets.*

2. Virus protection

Once you’ve installed BT Virus Protect it works in the background to check web pages, apps, SD cards and files for viruses, and warns you if it detects something suspicious.

It blocks phishing sites, browser exploits and malicious links found in text messages, emails and on social networks.

3. Block unwanted phone calls to your mobile

We all hate unsolicited phone calls, yet one 1 in 10 mobile phone users receive more than 20 unwanted calls in in a month.** BT Virus Protect blocks nuisance  and unwanted calls to your smartphone.

4. Locate a lost phone and take a photo of the person with your device

Over half a million mobile phones are stolen each year.** If your phone gets lost, use BT Virus Protect to activate an alarm and locate it. It also retains the last location before the battery runs out.

You can remotely take a snapshot photo of the person holding your lost device and receive an email with the photo along with the device location. The app also allows you to display a message on screen to facilitate the safe return of your phone or to lock or wipe personal information from lost phones.

5. Extra app security

Use the app to add a 6-digit PIN to apps for added security and to prevent people who use your phone looking at personal information. You can also set profiles to restrict access to certain apps by users – excellent if you don’t want children to access social media apps while playing games on your phone.

6. Wi-fi protection

BT Virus Protect warns you if the wi-fi network you are using isn’t secure. If it detects people are watching your internet traffic, it disconnects automatically.

7. It optimises your phone’s performance  

Optimisation tools stop the battery draining too quickly. It can also clean up your phone’s memory to free up storage space.

How to get BT Virus Protect

There are three ways to start protecting your mobile device.

1.  Visit MyBT and head to My Extras, and click on BT Virus Protect or go to

2. Download it from the Google Play Store link in bold and get the activation code by login using your BT ID when asked to once you’ve installed the app on your device.

Google Play

3. Once BT Virus Protect is installed you can share it with family members or send it to other devices using a Key Card sent via SMS or email.

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Discover more about BT Virus Protect

*Android version 4.0 or higher; requires minimum 52 MB storage space and users need to give access permissions to get the full features