Nuisance calls are incredibly frustrating, they are annoying, intrusive and can be upsetting, particularly for older people.

BT has a product that can help in the fight against nuisance calls. The BT 8600 is stylish home phone packed with technology that gives you control who you speak too. You can block 100% of nuisance calls and decide which calls to take.*

Priced at just £39.99 for BT customers – a saving of £20 on the suggested price, let’s find out more about how this clever cordless phone works.

Virtual Assistant: The 8600 includes trueCall technology, which screens all incoming calls, so you don’t have to speak to cold callers.

Numbers you’ve saved onto your contact list get through, but numbers you have blocked don’t. Instead callers hear the message “Callers to this number are being screened by BT Call Blocking, the person you are calling is not accepting your call. Please hang up”.

Announce mode: Callers who aren’t in your Contacts, Allowed or Blocked list will be asked to say their name and you can decide whether you want to take the call. Announce mode is the default setting and all first-time callers will be asked to announce their name. This feature helps you build up a list of blocked numbers.

One-touch call blocking: If you pick up the phone and realise it’s someone or a company you really don’t want to speak to, tap the ‘Block’ button and the number will be added to your blocked list and the call terminated. You can also block incoming calls once the caller has announced who they are.

Block 1,000 individual numbers: The phone can store 1,000 numbers you want to block.

Block by type: Block international calls and those from certain area codes.

Do Not Disturb: For times when you just want a bit of peace, use Do Not Disturb mode to silence the phone or choose whether to allow VIP calls only. VIP’s are those priority family and friend contacts.                                                                                                                                                             

The BT 8600 Advanced Call Blocker is available for priced, £39.99 for a single handset and £54.99 for a twin pack.

*Subscription to Caller Display needed to block nuisance calls, this is free for 12 months and can be activated in MyBT.