It can be a pain waiting for your tablet to charge, especially if you’re about to leave the house and aren’t sure if it has enough juice to last the journey.

We’ve looked at tips for extending your tablet’s battery life. Here we’re going to show you a few easy ways to make it charge quicker, so you spend less time hanging around watching the battery bar creep up towards full, and more time enjoying using 

Tip 1: Flight mode

Mobile device Flight Mode

When you plug your phone in to charge, enable flight mode (sometimes called airplane mode, or aeroplane mode).

This disables the wi-fi, Bluetooth and network connection, leaving your device with less to do, and hence using less battery power.

The result? A slightly quicker charging time. It’s only marginally quicker mind, but when you’re eager to get out of the door, every second counts.

Tip 2: Turn it off entirely

On a similar note, turn off the device entirely. Again, this stops it using any of the battery life it’s gaining from charging, so will speed up the charging time.

Obviously you won’t be able to use the tablet while it’s switched off, but it’s handy if your priority is to get it fully juiced before a long journey.

If you don’t want to turn it off entirely, at the very least make sure the screen, which is the biggest power drain, is switched off.

Tip 3: Use the mains

Tablet plugged into mains

A mains power point gives a lot more power than a laptop’s USB port.

According to some estimates, a tablet charges more than twice as fast from a wall socket as it does from a USB cable on a laptop or desktop computer.

So, wherever possible, plug it into the wall.

Tip 4: Check the charger

Two tablet chargers with Watts

Not all chargers are equal. Tablets usually come with 2-amp chargers that provide 10 watts of power, but the majority of smartphones are supplied with a 1-amp charger that delivers 5 watts of power. So, if you use a smartphone charger with a tablet, it will take much longer to charge.

There are exceptions depending on the size of the tablet; for instance the picture above shows an Amazon Fire HD6 charger, which supports 5 watts, so make sure you check.

If you’ve got more than one charger in your house, always keep your tablet charger in the same place so you know where to find it.

Tip 5: Keep it cool

As batteries get hotter, they become less efficient. That’s why your phone overheating is such bad news.

Keep your tablet out of direct sunlight and on a cool surface like a table rather than letting it warm up.

The batteries will stay at the right temperature and be more efficient, charging your tablet faster.

Make sure you take your tablet out of any case.

Tip 6: Battery saving mode

Battery saving mode

While this mode is designed to make your tablet last longer when the battery is running low, it has another use – helping your tablet charge quicker.

It limits how much your phone vibrates, limits the use of location services and background data (programs like email might not update unless you open them, for example).

While the tablet’s functionality will be reduced, it will be more usable than when in flight mode or switched off altogether. And crucially, it’ll charge quicker. Great stuff.

Tip 7: Keep your battery in good health

Three tablets and battery

A few maintenance tips will keep your battery working properly and not only prolong its life, but might make it charge quicker too. Experts recommend regularly charging it to about 80%, then about once a month letting the battery run down to zero and charging it up to 100%. This will keep the electrons in the battery flowing, and keep it in rude health for – hopefully – years to come.

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Are there any battery-saving or quick charging tips you’d like to pass on to other readers? Let us know in the Comments section below.