Competition winners celebrate at BT Tower

BT Mobile competition winners enjoyed spectacular views of the city and the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S9.

The BT Tower hosted a special event on Saturday when competition winners were treated to a sunset view of London to celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 on BT Mobile

As well as enjoying specular views of the capital, the attendees had a chance to win a new Samsung Galaxy S9. Peter Jermeny (below) from Norfolk was ecstatic when his name was drawn.

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Attending the event with his wife Judith, son Robert and daughter Clare he said: “I can’t believe it, I was really stunned to win it. I don’t want to put it down! I use a Galaxy S5, so it’s a big jump and it’s great. “

Peter said he’d wanted to visit the BT Tower for years: “It started being built in the year I was born – it’s the same age as me really. I saw it in The Goodies in the 1970s when the kitten knocks the tower over. It’s a great view – it’s really opened up now it’s night.”

Samsung Galaxy S9 competition winners

The competition attracted tens of thousands of entries. Attending the event with her friend, long-term BT customer Linda McCarthy, Ines Warsop described the evening as “unbelievable” particularly the way the Tower’s rotates.

“I’d always wanted to come up here, they closed the restaurant to the public in the 1970s, so there was no opportunity, so this is a wonderful situation. Also because I’ve always used a Samsung Galaxy phone.”

Ita Costello describe the scenery as amazing: “It’s such a good view of London because you get to see the other buildings – like the Shard.”

Accompanying her for the evening was Paul Dale, who was impressed by the method of going up the BT Tower.

“The lift on the way up was unbelievable. Watching on the side the amount of feet per minute was unbelievable and feeling the whoosh of the wind as you went up was brilliant," he said.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is available now on BT Mobile