Tesco’s Hudl 2 tablet has been our best-rated budget tablet since it was released in October 2014, following the success of the original Hudl, but sadly it is no more.

The retailer recently confirmed that it would not release a successor and existing stock for the Hudl 2 had run out.

Priced £129 on launch (while Tesco customers could get it for £65 by using Clubcard Boost), the Hudl range was outstanding value for money, but the supermarket has been forced to restructure its business as a result of dwindling profits.

Its movie streaming service Blinkbox was first to face the chop and the team working on the Hudl tablets followed soon after.

There are some great alternatives out there, many of which you can find here, but if you really want the Hudl 2 you may be able to make one last-ditch attempt to get one using the avenues below – but you’ll have to act fast.


1.Double check at your local store

Although Tesco has said that the Hudl 2 is out of stock online and in stores, there may well be some hiding away at your local branch.

Some people have reported finding a Hudl 2 still on the shelf despite Tesco’s announcement, and it’s not uncommon for old stock to linger a bit longer or even get accidentally pushed behind other products, so it could be worth giving that a go first.

Save yourself a journey and contact your local store using the Tesco Store Locator first.

Hudl 2

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2.Use eBay

People are still selling the Hudl 2 on eBay brand new and used.

Like anything that’s being sold on eBay, be sure to read the description clearly.

For instance make sure you buy a tablet – not just a case.

Check feedback on the seller to ensure that they are reliable and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

They are rare, but we’ve heard of eBay horror stories, such as the man who paid £300 for a laptop only to receive a photograph.

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At the time of writing Tesco is selling some refurbished Hudl 2 tablets from its Tesco Outlet store on eBay which cost £79 and come with a 12 months warranty. They are also running a 10% off offer if you buy 2 or more, which could be handy for Christmas.


3.See if anyone is selling one on Gumtree or Amazon

You could have a look on Gumtree, where people also sell goods they no longer want.

There’s no bidding involved at all on Gumtree, so you’ll have to grab one before someone else does.

Again, make sure that the tablet is up to the standard you expect as some are brand new, while others are described as used but in good condition and some are broken for spare parts.

Amazon may also sell a Hudl 2 – at the moment there are no reasonably priced devices in stock, but some could appear in the future if you keep a look out. You can get the original Hudl, at the time of writing it costs £108.99


Hudl 2


4.Check CEX, Cash Converters and other local second-hand stores

CEX and Cash Converters buy unwanted CDs, games, DVDs and gadgets from those who want to make some quick cash.

Thankfully, these include the Hudl 2. You could try going into your nearest store and seeing if they have any in stock but you can also check local stock online as well to save some time.

Alternatively, you can choose to buy the Hudl 2 through them online and get it delivered.


5.Still no luck? Get stock alerts from eBay

If you’re too late and there are no Hudl 2s left, someone may add one to eBay at a later date. To make sure you’re first to see it, set up an alert.

You can do this buy searching Hudl 2 in the search box on eBay and then clicking the green Follow this search option as seen below.

Finding the Hudl 2 on Ebay

A box will appear. Check the box marked Email me new items that match this interest and you’ll be notified every time a new Hudl 2 is added to eBay.

Finding the Hudl 2 on Ebay


Have you managed to hunt down a Hudl 2 tablet? Where did you find it? Share you experiences in the Comments section below.