Smartphone newcomer? 5 reasons why the Doro 8035 is the perfect phone for you

Want a phone that is simple to use but which doesn’t compromise on features? The Doro 8035 could be for you – and it comes with some tools to help keep you safe.

Today’s kids have grown up with technology, but for some older people using a smartphone can be a daunting experience. If that’s you or a member of your family, then you might want to consider a phone from Doro.

With a five-inch touchscreen HD display, web browser, 4G, and a full suite of Android apps, the Doro 8035 is a fully-featured smartphone, but it is designed to be simple to use and includes safety features unique to Doro. Read on to find out five reasons why the Doro 8035 could be the phone for you.

1. Use the built-in guide and get started with confidence

Setting up a smartphone for the  first time can be a little confusing. But when you fire up the Doro 8035 you get step-by-step instructions that take you through the process using jargon-free language.

You also get the chance to set up the phone to suit your needs, including the volume (useful if you wear a hearing aid), text size and options if you are colour blind.

Doro 8035 start up optons

Once you are up and running, if you have further questions you can have a look through a series of topics such as: ‘How do I call someone?’ and ‘How do I snap a selfie?’. Each answer includes pictures or an interactive video to help you understand how to use the phone.

2. First smartphone? Choose an interface that is simple to use

During the set-up you're asked: ‘Is it your first time using a smartphone?’ If you tap ‘Yes, I am a beginner,’ you’ll see Doro’s bespoke interface instead of the standard Android interface.

Doro 8025 Easy and Enhanced mode menu options

Uncluttered and with large icons, the emphasis of the beginner's interface is on ease of use and it is perfect for those unfamiliar with smartphones. There are just three icons on the main interface: Call, View and Send, and each leads to a menu based around things you want to do with the phone, such as ‘Call a number’ or ‘Call a contact’, which makes it very intuitive to use. 

You can return to the conventional Android interface, or ‘Enhanced mode’ as Doro calls it, via the Set menu.

3. Browse, download apps and ask questions with Google features

Whether you’ve opted for the simple or standard Android interface, you get Android’s suite of apps so you can browse the web using Google Chrome, watch videos using the YouTube app and access Google Play Store and download apps like WhatsApp.

Doro 8025 screenshot Google Services

A really useful built-in feature is Google Assistant, a voice assistant you can ask questions, as long as you’ve got an internet connection. Using your voice you can find out what the news headlines are, what the weather report is and much more, you can even launch apps. It’s a really useful time-saving feature.

4. Reassurance from your personal help button

On the back of the phone sits a large assistance button. This can help you out in the event of something going wrong - say you fall over or feel ill when shopping - by calling your emergency contacts.

Doro 8025 Assistance button

Choose to activate it with either three short or one long press and it will automatically call the first person in your emergency contact book. If they don’t answer it will move on to the next person and keep going until someone answers.

All emergency contacts will also be sent a text message with your location, using the phone's built-in GPS, and you can personalise the SMS message yourself.

5. Boost the call volume if and when you need it

The Doro 8035 includes Doro’s ‘Loud and Clear' sound technology for audio clarity, and you can also boost the volume during a call to make it louder.

Doro 8035 audio options

If you have difficulties hearing, the phone’s audio settings can be adjusted to help. Select ‘High’ if you have moderate hearing problems or are in a noisy environment and choose ‘HAC’ if you wear a hearing aid. Doro suggests you check your hearing aid is compatible.

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