Family SIM: How to invite BT Mobile users to join and how to move from a SIM-only plan

BT Mobile’s Family SIM lets you make brilliant savings on your phone bill, discover how easy it is to invite other people to join.

BT Mobile recently introduced Family SIM, a simple way to ensure your family stays connected while saving up to £372!

Rather than every member of our family having their own mobile account, with Family SIM you can have up to five SIM cards on the same plan – and the more you have, the more money you save.

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BT Mobile SIM cards work in both phones and tablets and it’s not restricted to family members either -  you can invite friends to join as well. Read more about the benefits of Family SIM.

To start making brilliant savings, BT Mobile customers can sign up to Family SIM and add other friends and family who are on BT Mobile into their Family SIM plan. Discover how to do this below.

How to add BT Mobile SIMs to your account

1: Go to and login using your BT ID

2: Click Account Summary and scroll down to Manage your SIMs and Invite a SIM to your plan.

BT Mobile Family SIM data screenshot

3: Click ‘Invite’

BT Mobile Family SIM add another SIM

4: As the main account holder, when you add someone to your bill, you become responsible for it being paid. So check the terms carefully before accepting.

BT Mobile Family SIM responsability

5: Enter the person’s details including names, email, postcode and BT Mobile phone number.

6:  An email invitation is then sent to that person letting them know they’ve been invited to join your Family SIM plan, which they need to accept and they’ll be moved onto your plan.

Check out the video below to find out more:

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Moving from BT Mobile SIM only to Family SIM  

If you are have a SIM only contract with BT Mobile with one or more SIMs on your account, you can transfer your SIMs to a Family SIM plan and make some great savings.

1: Log into

2: Click on My ‘Buy or Move to Family SIM’ and you’ll be taken to the order journey pages.

3: You’ll be asked to confirm you want to move the SIM or if you want to add more SIMs to your order.

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