Love them or hate them, you can’t go too far on the web without noticing a GIF these days. They are used for memes on Facebook, they liven up news stories and generally bring a bit more fun to the web, so it’s only natural that you might be interested in creating some of your own.

Making your own GIFs would previously be confined to a limited few but now just about anyone can create them – and they are super easy to make. You’ll find an abundance of free apps around that let you make your own GIFs. Rather than testing them all to find the best, we’ve rounded up the top four. Get a taster in the video below and find the links a little further down the page.

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1. GIPHY Cam

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android

GIPHY Cam comes from the creators of the World Wide Web’s best-known GIF search engine,

The app lets you shoot video directly from your camera as well as import any videos and photos you already have on your phone. There are also a number of filters and stickers to choose from.


2. Gif Me!

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Gif Me! allows you to capture new images or use existing ones to put together your own GIFs too.

It features a limited number of free stickers as well as speed options. You can remove the ads and get even more stickers by going for the paid variant of the app, but you can easily get by with the free one.


3. Gif Maker – Gif Editor

Price: Free

Available on: Android

The Gif Maker – Gif Editor app has a few additional features that its rivals miss. Not only can you use existing photos and videos – as well as your camera – you can also record the screen and take GIFs from GIPHY’s database online, or from a video.

There is also a huge choice of stickers, effects, frames and other editing options to choose from.


4. Tumblr

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android

Tumblr is known for hosting a number of GIFs on its site, so it seems only right that it should have a GIF feature available for users.

Nestled on the post page you’ll find GIF at the top, where you can go about making three second-long GIFs. There’s a good selection of stickers to choose from and an easy-to-use text editor too.


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