High-speed charging, a brilliant camera and more: 6 reasons to love the Pixel, Phone by Google

New to BT Mobile, the Pixel, Phone by Google is packed with features and gives you 7 hours of charge in 15 minutes. Discover more about this critically-acclaimed smartphone.

The Pixel, Phone by Google is the latest addition to BT Mobile’s line-up. It’s a premium smartphone packed with brilliant features that’s earned rave reviews from critics.

The Pixel, Phone by Google  and its bigger sibling the Pixel XL, Phone by Google, which is also available on BT Mobile, both run Android 7 N (Nougat), the latest version of Android.

Both are ‘Made by Google’ phones. This means many Google features are built in and it often gets new features before other Android phones. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the Google Pixel phone.

1. Stylish design

Made from aerospace-grade aluminium, the Pixel, Phone by Google is a stylish but understated phone.

It feels solid and its curved edges mean it sits comfortably in your hand and is easy to grip.

 The smooth ‘Quite Black’ matte finish contrasts with the shiny glass panel that contains the ‘Pixel Imprint’ fingerprint sensor. Register your fingerprint with the phone and you can use it to quickly unlock your phone.

2. Brilliant screen

The sharp Full HD screen 5-inch screen is excellent. AMOLED technology means movie trailers look fantastic, with bold colours and deep blacks. Off-angle viewing is first rate, and you can see the screen clearly if you are sharing with friends. If you want a bigger screen, the Pixel XL, Phone by Google, has a larger 5.5-inch QHD AMOLED display.

The Pixel, Phone by Google uses Corning Gorilla Glass 4, a tough glass designed to withstand cracks caused by dropping. During development Corning drop-tested it on rough surfaces and found it can withstand drops twice as well as competitive designs.

3. Outstanding camera

Included on the Pixel, Phone by Google is a 12.3-megapixel camera.  It has a DxOMark Mobile rating of 89, which is higher than any cameraphone. The rating is attained after tests at the independent DxOMark labs, where colour, contrast, details, sharpness, noise, shading and distortion are all analysed.

We were really pleased with the results: pictures are sharp, colours are natural and the bright f/2 lens helps take great, dot-free shots in low-light. The shutter is fast which means it has no problem  capturing moving subjects, and you can easily take a burst of pictures by holding the shutter down.  

Swap quickly to the 8-megapiuxel front facing camera by flicking your wrist. The Pixel also captures Full HD and 4K video.

The Pixel, Phone by Google comes is available from BT Mobile with 32Gb internal memory and you get unlimited cloud storage for all original quality photos and fill resolution videos with Google Photos, freeing up space on your phone. Remember if you are a BT Broadband customer you get free storage space with BT Cloud.

4. Google Assistant

The Pixel, Phone by Google is the first phone to include Google Assistant. It’s different from Google Now (the voice assistant that appears on other Android phones), because it’s conversational, so you can ask follow-up questions.

Activate by pressing the home button or saying “OK Google”. As long as you are connected to the internet you can quickly check the weather, set a reminder, send a text, translate phrases, answer questions and even tell jokes.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

Google Assistant works with Google devices, like the internet connected speaker Google Home. This means you’ll be able to use your voice to control heating and lighting.

5. Long-lasting battery

It’s incredibly frustrating when your battery is runs out and you have to wait to charge it. Using the supplied charger, charging the Pixel, Phone by Google for 15 minutes provides seven hours of battery life.

Otherwise battery lasts all day - Google claims you can get 13 hours of internet use, 13 hours of video playback and 110 hours of audio playback.

6. Android Nougat

The Pixel, Phone by Google use Google’s standard interface, which is incredibly user-friendly. Neat Android Nougat features include the ability to run two apps on the screen simultaneously and even view two web pages at once in the Chrome browser.

The Pixel, Phone by Google is what Google calls a ‘Daydream-ready phone’. Daydream is a virtual reality platform new to Android Nougat. So if you use the Pixel, Phone by Google  with the Daydream View headset (£69.99) you’ll be able to enjoy virtual reality apps, such as Google Street View, Google Arts and Culture and Ocean Rift.

Tempted by the Pixel, Phone by Google? It is available now from BT Mobile starting at £18.50 a month for BT Broadband customers. Find out more.

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