How to boost your mobile phone signal

Struggling to get a good phone signal at home or work? Follow our tips for frustration-free calls.

Last updated: 10 April 2018 - 7.57am

There may be times when you can’t get a strong phone signal, which means you can’t make calls or texts. This can be incredibly frustrating if you miss calls from friends, family or colleagues, or if your call ends suddenly because of a dropped signal.

Mobile blackspots can occur at home or at work and can be caused by a variety of things. Network coverage is just one factor: If your house is in the shadow of a larger building, near lots of trees or in a valley it can affect your signal, as can the physical structure of your building, particularly thick walls.

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Fortunately, there are some solutions, so read on for our tips on boosting your mobile signal.

1: Check coverage

Visit the BT Mobile coverage checker and search by postcode or name to check the strength of your indoor and outdoor signal.

2: Use wi-fi to make calls

BT Mobile recently introduced Wi-Fi Calling, a helpful service available to new and existing customers which lets you make calls using wi-fi and bypass signal issues.

Wi-Fi Calling doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t use up your data, as texts and minutes come out of your monthly allowance.

In order to use Wi-Fi Calling you need to have an iPhone S5 or later or a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone bought from BT Mobile. It’s then very easy to use – you don’t need to download an app, simply ensure your phone has got the latest software update and turn on Wi-Fi calling in the Settings menu.

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3: Change location

Thick walls, ceilings and electrical equipment can affect your mobile signal, so try making calls from different spots around your house. Standing closer to windows, at the top of the house or even outdoors can help as there may be fewer things to obstruct the signal.

Be aware that metal window frames can also affect indoor mobile performance.

4: Use a headset

The design of your phone can impact its ability to pick up a signal, and your signal can be affected by the way you hold your phone.

Rather than holding the phone up to your ear, try using a Bluetooth headset or headphones instead.

5: Charge your phone

If your phone has a low battery it can impact on performance and affect your signal, so make sure your phone has plenty of juice.

Find out more about BT Mobile’s brilliant new Wi-Fi Calling at

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