Managing your BT Mobile account: How to take control of your mobile plan

If you’re a BT Mobile customer, discover how easy it is to check your monthly allowance and make changes to your plan using My Mobile and the MyMobile app.

When you join BT Mobile, we want you to be in control and understand exactly what you are using your phone for, so we’ve created some online services to help.

My Mobile lets you easily manage your BT Mobile account, track your usage, remaining monthly allowance, view your bill, buy add-ons and upgrade your plan

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Discover My Mobile

By logging into My Mobile, you can keep an eye on your account at any time - from any web browser on a phone, tablet or computer, as long as you’ve got an internet connection.

Head to and log in using your BT ID.

Under ‘Plan’ you’ll see the name of your monthly plan, including the contract length, end date, monthly minutes and data allocation.

‘Allowances’ displays how many minutes, texts and data you’ve used and how many are remaining.

‘Add-ons’ shows any extras you’ve bought (and their expiry date) and ‘Usage’ show your monthly spending cap and what you’ve spent so far that month.

Underneath are a series of tabs that allow you to make adjustments to your BT Mobile account.

  • Tools to manage your spend:  To help you avoid unexpectedly high bills, you can set a monthly spend cap starting at £0 or £2.50. This means if you do go over your allowance (for instance if you call premium rate phone numbers) your extra spend will not be allowed to exceed the cap and you’ll be barred from doing things like making premium rate calls until the cap is reset. Change the cap each month by logging in again.
  • Parental Controls:  Use Parental Controls to determine what kind of content your child can access on their BT Mobile phone. ‘Light’ blocks content suitable for adults, including alcohol, criminal skills, drugs, sex advice, violence and texts to 18+ services. ‘Strict’ blocks content only suitable for the over 12s including unmoderated social networking websites, chat rooms and unmoderated social networks. Find out more.

Discover the BT Mobile app

The BT Mobile app is an easy way to keep track of your monthly allowance on-the-go.

Fire up the app and you’ll be able to see your monthly usage, how much data and minutes you’ve got left, when the allowance resets and when your next bill is due.

BT Mobile app

The app is free for Android and Apple smartphones.

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