There’s a huge selection of apps available for smartphones and tablets. Google Play - the official Android app store - boasts more than 3 million alone, giving Android users the widest choice of all.

Android is also the most popular mobile operating system in the world, and Google Play is found on all sorts of devices, from Tesco’s Hudl 2 to Google’s own Pixel C tablet. (Because it's official, Google Play is the safest place to download Android apps. If you're using any other app stores, beware.)

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Many of the free apps and games are great but there are some excellent paid-for apps to enjoy as well.

The great thing about a free app is that you can download it without risk – if it’s poor, just delete it. But what if you pay for an app and it turns out to be a dud? Or your kids get hold of your device and download paid-for apps without asking you?

Thankfully there is a way to get a refund for apps on Google Play.

What’s Google Play’s refund policy?

If Google receives a complaint within two hours of an app or game being downloaded, it'll offer a full refund with no questions asked.

After the two-hour limit, you will have to contact the app developer directly to find out if you’re eligible for a refund. If you’re struggling to sort the refund out with the developer, you can also contact Google’s support team who might be able to help move it forward.

You can only request a refund once for each app. If you decide to download it again, you won’t be able to claim another refund.

How do I get a refund on Google Play?

You can only request a refund from your smartphone or tablet, not your PC.

On your mobile device, go to the Google Play Store and tap the menu icon, followed by My account.

Getting a refund on Google Play

Scroll down the page until you find the section marked Order history. Find the app you wish to receive a refund for and tap Refund.

Getting a refund on Google Play

A box will appear, asking if you’re sure you want to go ahead with the refund. Tap YES to agree.

Getting a refund on Google Play

How do I get a refund for Google Play apps I've had longer than two hours?

For apps and games bought more than two hours previously, refunds are a little less straightforward: you have to contact the app’s developer in writing.

To do this, you need to go to the app’s download page and click READ MORE under the main app details.

Getting a refund on Google Play

Scroll to the bottom and look for Developer email. Take it down and email your refund request.

A developer refused to refund my Google Play app download. What can I do?

Developers generally have the ultimate say over refunds. But if you’re unsatisfied with their response or didn’t hear back, you should get in contact with Google Play Support using the contact details on this page.

Do I get to keep the app when I request a refund from Google Play?

No. Once you’ve gone ahead with a refund the app will be removed from your device.

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How many refunds can I request from Google Play?

There is no official limit on the number of apps you can request a refund for, but certainly don’t make a habit of it. Google keeps an eye on refunds and says it “may decline requests for refunds that appear to be abusing our processes”.

Can I get a refund for in-app purchases from Google Play apps?

In-app purchases are the extra content you can buy and download within apps – this could be an extra level for a game or special access to another part of the app.

Unlike normal app purchases, you can’t get an instant refund within two hours. To get a refund, you have to contact the developer directly. To do this, see our previous step How do I get a refund for Google Play apps I’ve had longer than two hours?

You can read Google’s full policy on Google Play refunds here.

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