Instagram is five years old today – and it’s been quite a journey, even by tech company standards, for the photo sharing site.

To celebrate the app turning five, here is a round-up of the best stats and facts about everyone’s favourite filter-filled photo service.

6 – The number of engineers Instagram had in 2011 and had up until it was purchased by Facebook in 2012. A tiny number of technical staff considering the app had by this point more than 10 million active users. No pressure.

$1 billion – The amount Facebook paid for Instagram, and its 13 employees. Though the deal was around $300 million in cash and the rest in Facebook stock, that’s roughly $77 million paid for the company per employee.

400 million – The approximate number of monthly active users Instagram now has – a figure higher than Twitter.

40 billion – The photo of photos which have been shared on Instagram; which works out as roughly 100 photos per active account.

3.5 billion – the number of Likes on Instagram every single day. The most liked image on the site is Kendall Jenner’s heart-shaped hair selfie, which has raked up a cool 3.1 million Likes in less than five months.

Over 80 million – On average, more than 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram on a daily basis.

49 million – The number of followers Taylor Swift has and the most of any Instagram user. It also means that more than 10% of the app’s users follow Swift.

In short, it’s not been a bad five years for an app that originally started life as a location check-in service. Happy Birthday Instagram!