The easiest way to stay up-to-date with your BT account is with the My BT app, which has just turned two!

Free to download for Android and Apple smartphones, the My BT app brings a wealth of information about your BT products to your fingertips, giving you the freedom to handle your account at a time that’s convenient for you.

Check your usage of all BT products, including landline, broadband, TV and mobile.  In addition, as well as viewing and paying your latest BT bill, you can now download it as a PDF.

It was recently updated so you can access your account more quickly by using your phone’s fingerprint scanner (on Android) or Touch ID (on iOS), or by using a four-digit code.

The My BT app still has the great features such as tracking your BT orders and getting help with your BT account that helped us win Silver Award in the Best App category at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2015. As long as your phone has a wi-fi or mobile data connection, you can use the My BT App wherever you are in the world.

Highlights of the My BT app include:

Check, download and pay your bill: Find out how much you next bill is and download it as a PDF.  If you have a credit or debit card saved on your account, it’s quick and easy to pick the card you want to pay with; or if you haven’t already saved a card, it’s easy to input new card details.

My BT View and Pay bill screenshots

View your usage for all BT products: Check your landline, broadband, TV and BT Mobile before or since your last bill.

My usage View my usage My BT app

Landline customers can see a call breakdown including any calls outside your calling plan.  Broadband customers on a limited plan can check usage. BT TV customers can see what movies and TV shows you’ve rented. BT Mobile customers can see how much data is remaining

My BT track orders and restart router

Track orders: If you’ve ordered a new product or service, check the time of your engineer’s appointment or when the service will be activated and change appointments to a time that suits you.

Restart your router:  Need to do some remote troubleshooting? As long as you are connected to the internet you can restart your BT Home Hub remotely, whether you are in the next room or 100 miles away.

My BT app with Touch ID

Stay up-to-date: Notifications on the app home screen - these appear when you’ve got an order or fault with BT, or if there is a problem with BT services in your area.

Faster access: To use the My BT app you’ll need your BT ID and password - after you’ve logged in the first time you can set up a four-digit pin to speed things up.  Access your account by tapping your Android fingerprint scanner or with Touch ID on your Apple smartphone, for even faster access.*

The My BT app complements the other apps available to BT customers, including BT Sport, BT Wi-fi and BT Cloud. Find out more about BT’s apps.

* Android 6.0 or above and Apple iPhone 5s or later