My BT: The quick and simple way to view your bill and check your usage

From viewing and paying bills to checking usage, discover how My BT is the simple way to manage your account.

There’s a really simple way to keep up to date with your BT bill. My BT is your online resource for your BT account, providing you with up-to-date information about your account at any time from your phone, tablet or computer.

You can view and download your bill, check your usage across all your products you can also check previous bills, your payment history and pay your bills.

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Viewing and downloading bills

My BT is a simple way to keep up to date with your bill.

1: Log into My BT using your BT ID. Click the View bill button to view your current bill and a breakdown of how you’ve used your BT services. You’ll be able to view the total and see when payment is due.

My BT app screenshot

2: Click ‘Download Your Bill in PDF’ to get a PDF version for your own records.

My BT latest bill screenshot

Checking your usage

If you lose track of how many minutes you’ve used or how much data you’ve got left, don’t worry - the My BT website lets you check that you are within usage limits.

1: Log into My BT and click Manage bill settings

My BT Manage Bill settings

2: On the Billing Overview screen, scroll down to the section Additional charges since your last bill and click View Usage.

3: You’ll see usage charges for products you may have including: Home Phone, Broadband, TV and BT Mobile. To get a breakdown for each one click See details.

My BT Billing overview


View previous bills and payment history

With My BT it’s very easy to view bills from the last two years as well as your payment history.

1: Remain within the Billing Overview screen, scroll down to the Billing account timeline.

My BT Billing account timeline

2: Click Show filters and use the drop-down menu to view bills from the latest 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. Click Download bill to get a copy.

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Paying your bill

Making a payment

Have you ever considered paying online? It gives you piece of mind and you’ll get confirmation through automatically to your email

1: Log into My BT and click Manage bill settings.

2: Under What you owe click Make payment.

My BT What you owe

3: Enter the amount you want to say and click Continue. On the next screen enter your card details and wait for verification. 

Tell us how you paid

If you pay by post, you can let BT know your payment is on its way.

1: Go to and enter your BT account number and postcode to let us know that the bill is in the post.

2: Alternatively, when your bill is due log into My BT and click Manage Bill Settings.

3: On the billing overview page, look for the option Tell Us You Paid. Confirm your account number and the next screen you’ll see an acknowledgement that BT is expecting your payment.

My BT tell us you've paid

Log into My BT and check your bill

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