Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus: Tips and tricks for getting the most out of the camera

Take your phone photography on the Galaxy S10 to the next level with these handy tips and tricks for ultra-wide snaps, movie-quality videos, instant GIFs and cheesy selfies.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are the two most advanced smartphones that Samsung has ever made, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they both have pretty amazing cameras.

While both phones will take great photos with a simple point and click, they are also packed full of cool features that will help you take pictures worthy of sharing with family and friends.

Here are seven tips on how to take amazing pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Let the camera teach you

The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus don’t just take amazing pictures for you, they also teach you how to take amazing pictures using state-of-the-art software.

Inside the Settings menu you’ll find three modes designed to help you take the best possible picture:

Scene optimiser: This scans the environment then adjusts the camera accordingly letting you take bright pictures in the dark or scan documents instantly.

Shot suggestion: This will place a guide on-screen showing you where to point the camera in order to get the best possible shot.

Flaw detection: This will let you know if someone blinks, looks blurry or even if you’ve got some dust on the lens.

To turn all three on simply Open the camera – Tap the Settings icon in the top left-hand cornerTurn on Scene optimiser, Shot suggestion and Flaw detection.

Share your best shots with the world using Instagram mode

Thanks to a partnership between Samsung and Instagram, the Galaxy S10’s camera has a mode that makes it even easier to snap and then share your pictures with the wider world.

Instagram Mode lets you take the picture or video fromSamsung’s camera app straight to the Instagram Story editing screen, letting you add text, images, animations and more.

To access Instagram Mode, first install Instagram. Now open the camera – Swipe left until Instagram is highlighted – take a picture and you’ll be sent straight to the Story screen.

Capture stunning cityscapes with ultra-wide angle

In addition to its normal wide-angle and telephoto lens, the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus have a third ultra-wide angle lens that’s capable of capturing cityscapes in a single breathtaking image.

Rather than diving into the camera’s settings or having to switch over to Pro mode, the phone puts all three lenses right under your nose on the main camera screen.

To access the ultra-wide angle lens simply tap on the small three trees icon just above the shutter button. 

Tip: Ultra-wide angle pictures often have a ‘fish eye’ appearance about them, but the S10 can remove this effect digitally by going to Settings Save options – Turn Ultra wide shape correction ON.

Create GIFs in seconds

GIFs are a fun, creative way of sharing videos or animations with friends and family. With the Galaxy S10 you can create instant GIFs simply by holding down the shutter button.

Rather than having to download a separate app, the phone creates the GIF there and then and it’s automatically ready to share with your friends.

To turn on GIF capture open the camera – Settings – Hold Shutter button to – Create GIF. Now hold down the shutter button to capture what’s going on and it’ll instantly turn it into a GIF.

Take your videos to the next level with HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an exciting technology that’s arriving on TVs, smartphones and games consoles. Working alongside 4K Ultra High Definition content it creates the most realistic videos possible.

The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are actually some of the first phones capable of recording video footage in 4K HDR10+ elevating your home videos to Hollywood levels of quality.

Note: If you’re going to record in HDR, remember you can only watch it on TVs or phones which support HDR.

To activate HDR10+, simply go to Settings – Advanced recording options – Turn HDR10+ Video to ON.

Tip: If you want to share your videos with people that can’t play HDR content you can then convert them to normal videos in the Gallery app on your phone.

Quickly access your favourite camera modes

Capturing the right moment is all about timing, whether that’s waiting patiently or getting the shot as quickly as you can.

With so many shooting modes to choose from, the S10 lets you rearrange their position within the camera app letting you quickly access only the ones you use the most. So if you’re an Instagram user, you can make sure that Instagram Mode is just one swipe away.

To add, remove and rearrange the camera modes available go to Settings – Camera modes – Editor modes – you can now rearrange each mode in the order that you want them.

Just say ‘Cheese’ to take a picture

Say there’s an amazing landmark and you want to capture yourself in front of it, or perhaps you just want a great picture of all the family. In the past you would have to position the phone, set a timer and then leg it into the shot.

With voice control you can simply say ‘Cheese’, ‘Smile’, ‘Capture’ or ‘Shoot’ and the phone will instantly take a picture. If you don’t want to say anything out loud you can simply raise your palm and the phone will then automatically take a picture.

Or perhaps you’re getting a selfie and can’t quite reach the shutter button? Don’t worry, just turn on the floating shutter button and you can move it to any part of the screen to make it easier to reach.

Go to Settings – Shooting methods – Turn on Voice control, Floating Shutter button and Show palm.

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