Sony Xperia L3: Tips & tricks for taking better photos, securing data and making fast payments

Learn how to take portrait photos with the dual camera, protect your data with the fingerprint sensor and use Google Pay to turn your L3 into your wallet.

The Sony Xperia L3 is the perfect blend of pocket-friendly design and premium features including a large borderless HD+ display, dual-camera system for taking beautiful portraits and a fingerprint sensor.

With this guide you’ll get the hang of the phone’s best features and hopefully discover a few new ones as well.

Take stunning portrait photos with Bokeh mode

The Xperia L3 has a dual-camera setup on the back which means that you can capture striking portrait pictures with the background blurred for effect.

To activate portrait mode simply open the camera then tap Mode on the bottom left-hand corner. Now tap on Bokeh.

Portrait photos work best with well-lit subjects so make sure there’s plenty of light. You can adjust the light and the amount of blur you want to use by tapping on the Settings icon just to the right of the Shutter button.

The Iris symbol lets you adjust focus while the icon of the Sun lets you tweak how bright or dark you want the picture to be.

Keep your data secure

The Xperia L3 comes with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor designed to keep your phone and your data secure.

The position of the sensor makes it easy to reach with either your right thumb or left index finger, depending on how you hold your phone.

If you didn’t set the fingerprint sensor up when you first turned on the device it’s really easy to set it up afterwards.

Just tap on Settings, then Lock screen & security and finally Fingerprint Manager. Now you’ll either be prompted to enter your PIN or Pattern and then just tap Add fingerprint.

Change your camera settings to take the perfect shot

The L3’s dual-camera isn’t just good at taking portrait photos, you also get some easy-to-use yet powerful tools that let you change the way your photos will look.

The camera settings let you change not only how dark or light the picture is but also to tweak the colour, letting you tailor the photo to the environment you’re in.

Simply open the camera, tap on the Sun icon in the top menu bar and two sliders will appear just above the shutter. The top slider adjusts the colour profile from blue to red while the bottom slider lets you adjust how much light is let into the image.

If you want to adjust the camera for a specific scene simply tap on AUTO on the top bar and select the scene that best fits what you’re trying to shoot.

Turn your smartphone into your wallet

You might not realise it but the Xperia L3 can also become your wallet thanks to Google Pay. Whether you’re paying in the shops or tapping in and out of a train journey all you have to do is hold your phone near the reader and it’ll give you the option of paying. 

Not only is this incredibly convenient but it’s secure thanks to the pattern and fingerprint scanner you’ve set on the device.

All you need to do is install Google Pay from the Play Store on your smartphone. Now follow the instructions on how to add your card details and you’re good to go.

When you want to pay, just hold the L3 near a card terminal and the phone will ask you to enter your pattern. Once done it’ll instantly make the transaction.

Customise the look of your phone

Thanks to the Xperia L3’s Android operating system you can easily change the look and feel of the Xperia L3 to suit not only your tastes but also to make it more useful to your interests.

To change the background image simply press and hold on the home screen and then tap on Wallpapers. You can now pick either an official Sony wallpaper or tap on Photos to access your own image library.

You can add helpful widgets which let you change tracks on Spotify, see your calendar or quickly find out what song’s playing on the TV.

Just press and hold on the home screen, tap on Widgets and then press and hold the widget you want and drag it onto the home screen. You can then move it around by long pressing and then moving it or resize it by just long pressing and tapping on Resize.

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