The Xperia X is one of Sony’s premium handsets for 2016, sitting right at the top of the range above the Sony Xperia XA.

Pick up the phone and you are instantly impressed. Curved edges mean it is comfortable to hold, and the graphite metal finish manages to look elegant, but sophisticated. Weighing 152g, it feels reassuringly solid but not heavy.

The Xperia X doesn’t feel too big in the hand either, with the curved 5-inch screen taking up the full width of the body so little space is wasted on a bezel.

Boasting a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080, the screen has the same number of pixels as many TVs, so it’s exceptionally sharp and bright with vibrant colours - videos and photos look fantastic.

Cutting edge technology

Sony Xperia X

The Xperia X runs Google’s Android operating system - which means you can download apps from the Google Play Store - and it’s packed with the latest technology to make your life a little bit easier.

The phone is 4G-ready, which means you can enjoy superfast download and uploads on BT Mobile, so downloading the latest album or uploading a video to YouTube is much quicker than with 3G.

The Xperia X includes an NFC chip, so you can download the Android Pay app and use your phone to make payments of up to £30 just by tapping it on a payment terminal - as long as your bank supports Android Pay.

A fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock your phone using just your finger.  It’s conveniently located on the power button so which you can launch your phone almost instantly.

Fast, superior camera

Sony Xperia X

If you love taking photos with your smartphone, the Sony Xperia X’s camera is packed with features to help you take great photographs. Sony’s brought its digital cameras expertise to the Xperia X, which includes a 23-megapixel camera with a high-quality bright G-Lens.

The first thing you notice is how fast the camera is – it’s perfect for spontaneous photo opportunities and ensuring you don’t want to miss the action.

Sony claims it’s halved the start-up speed - a tap of the quick-launch shutter launches the camera and you can go from standby to photo capture in just 0.6 seconds.

Tap anywhere to take a photo and it auto-focuses quickly too – Sony claims it takes just 0.03 seconds to line up the shot.

Photos have bright colours and are sharp, even when you take pictures at maximum resolution of 23-megapixels and crop them.

Smart Capture is a great feature if you like taking photos of children, cars or anything else that won’t keep still. Tap the object (or person) and a yellow box appears around them. Predictive Hybrid Autofocus will follow them, anticipating where they will go next and retaining focus so you can take a photo without blur, even if they do move.

The front-facing camera will please selfie-fans. The 13-megapixels shooter is excellent even in low light, skin tones are natural and you can turn on Soft Skin Effect to smooth the skin for a more polished magazine finish.

Performance and long-lasting battery

One of the biggest gripes about smartphones from many users is their battery performance – no-one likes getting to the end of the day to find their phone battery is flat. The Xperia X has something called ‘intelligent battery management’ which helps it last up to two days - twice as long as many of its rivals.

Stamina and Ultra Stamina mode let you eek even more power from the phone, by turning off certain features such as GPS, background data and email.

We’re impressed with the Sony Xperia X, with advanced camera performance, a brilliant battery and 4G all in a premium body, it’s a real head turner.