Speed up your smartphone with these top tips

Is your smartphone annoyingly slow? Check out our simple tips to make it feel faster and almost like new again.

You may have noticed that your smartphone can sometimes feel a bit sluggish, often when loading apps, or swapping between programs - sometimes it might stop altogether.

This is fairly common after you’ve been using your handset for a while and installed various apps.

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Fortunately there are some easy ways to make your phone faster. Here are six tips to help - make sure you check out the video above to find out more.

Tip 1: Check for Software updates

Speed up your smartphone 1 - System updates

Software updates from your network or phone maker can improve performance. So check your smartphone is running the most up-to-date software.

Go to the Settings menu. Look for an option called System updates or Software update. Then download any that are available.


Tip 2: Close your unused apps

Speed up your smartphone 2 - close apps

Open apps suck up memory. Having lots open will slow down your phone, especially if they use your location, like mapping apps. So shut any you aren’t using.

On an Android phone tap the right Recent Apps button on the bottom left. Flick any programs you aren't using off the screen to close them.

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Tip 3: Uninstall any apps you don’t want 

Speed up your smartphone 3 - uninstall apps

Keep an eye on how many apps you’ve got by heading to Apps in the Settings menu. You can check what you’ve downloaded and when.

If there’s anything you don’t use, tap and select Uninstall.

Tip 4: Remove app caches

Speed up your smartphone 4 - clean up app cache

Over time, apps build up a cache of information, which can slow everything down. Free apps like App Cache Cleaner let you to clear the system cache with one tap.


Tip 5: Choose static wallpaper

Speed up your smartphone 5 - wallpaper

Moving – or live - backgrounds might look cool, but they slow down your phone. Pick static wallpaper instead.

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Tip 6: Clean your homescreen

Speed up your smartphone 6 - widgets

Widgets are mini-programs that update automatically, consuming power. Too many on your homescreen will slow down your smartphone, so delete any you don’t need,

To do this on an Android device, hold down on the top of a widget and drag it to the Remove option that appears.

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