So you’ve landed yourself a new smartphone for Christmas?

Congratulations. But, before you relax into the afternoon movies and mince pies too much, you need to download these five apps to ensure your new device is as good as it can be.

1. Fallout Shelter

(iOS – Free)

Fallout Shelter


Plenty of big gaming releases have companion apps, but Fallout Shelter is so much more. It’s a great management sim in its own right. You are in charge of your own Vault, and must keep the inhabitants going and happy, all the while surviving the aftermath of the apocalypse of course.

2. Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes

(iOS – Free)

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes


Star Wars fever is now in full flow, and there just so happens to be a mobile way to get involved. Galaxy Of Heroes is part-card-collection game, part-RPG, and part-battler. The aim is to collect all your favourite characters from across the eras and do battle with them. There’s power-ups along the way, naturally, and the whole thing is Star Wars geek heaven.

3. Citymapper

(iOS/Android – Free)



Quite simply the essential travel map these days. Citymapper works across pretty much every mode of transport, quickly and with smart little touches, such as which train carriages are quieter. Program in your favourite destinations and in one tap you can ask the app to “get me home”.

4. WhatsApp Messenger

(iOS/Android – Free)

WhatsApp Messenger
(WhatsApp Messenger)


You know all about this one, right? The app has more users than Twitter, and instant messaging has now overtaken text messaging in volume of communications sent. What this means it that all your friends are likely to be on it already, having group conversations without you.

5. Netflix

(iOS/Android – Free)



The idea of streaming TV or film to your smartphone was still considered niche until recently. But now, thanks to the bigger and better screens and data connections, it’s a much more comfortable experience. There’s no offline playback capabilities sadly, but there’s still plenty to love about always having your Netflix with you.