The latest e-Reader from Amazon is the waterproof Kindle Oasis.

It’s a great device that can survive being dropped in the bath or swimming pool, and there’s not a hint of the glare which has affected previous Kindles.

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We’ve rounded up eight ways to make sure that your Kindle is personalised to suit your exact reading preferences – whether that’s font size, display, how much to share or whether to share your Kindle with your kids.

1. Make sure your Kindle has a name

When you are setting up the device, it will ask you to name it. Make sure it’s something identifiable to others such as “Joe Bloggs’ Kindle”.

If you didn’t do this when you first turned on your device, go to Settings which can be accessed by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right hand corner of the home page and clicking Settings.

Click on My Account and then Device Name.

2. Connect your Kindle to social media

If you love sharing what you’re reading with your friends and families, and your devoted social media followers, then it’s worth connecting your e-Book up with Twitter and Facebook.

Again go to Settings (as described above), My Account and then Social Networks.

When you click on Facebook or Twitter you will have to login with your details and then your Kindle will be linked with your accounts.

To share when you’re reading, highlight the text you want to share and then release your finger. Once the menu appears click Share and then decide if you want to share via E-mail, Goodreads, Facebook or Twitter.


3. Change the font size

It’s super easy to make the font and layout larger on your Kindle. Go to Settings, Device Options and Display Size. There are two options – either standard or large.

When in a book, you can also change the font and size quickly. Clicking near the top of the page brings up the menu, and then click Aa. Choose your font and size from there.

Another display trick if you find it easier to read with the colours inverted is to go to Settings, Accessibility and Invert Black and White. This switches all the colours of the page.

The brightness can also be controlled by clicking the cog icon on the homepage. You can then manually control the brightness of the page or leave it on Auto Brightness. If you hold the big sun or the little sun down for two seconds it will automatically jump to the maximum or minimum brightness respectively.

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4. Control how you turn the page

With the Kindle Oasis you can turn the page in two ways – by the buttons on the side of the device or by tapping the side of the screen.

Depending on how you prefer to hold the e-Book you can change which buttons mean what. If you go to Settings, Reading Options, and then Page-Turn Buttons.

There are then two options – default or reverse. The default option is that the top button turns forward a page, and the bottom button turns back a page.

Kindle Oasis


5. Take away popular highlights

Some users like to see what parts of the chapters have been highlighted by other users, however others find it annoying.

It’s easy to turn it on and off – go to Settings, Reading Options and Highlights & About This Book. You then turn Popular Highlights either On or Off.

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6. Kindle for Kids

To encourage your children to read, you can set up a Kindle for Kids profile. Go to Settings, Parental Controls and then Kindle for Kids. By doing this you can set reading goals and track how many books your kids are reading, and children can get badges and awards.

Click Get Started and then follow the instructions for setting up a profile – setting up passwords, compiling books and setting goals.   

7. Change the Reading Progress tab

Some readers like to know how much of the book or chapter is left. But perhaps you would prefer how much time on average is left in the chapter?

To change it, open any book in your library and click at the top of the page to bring up the menu. Click Aa and select Reading Progress from the options. You can then click Location in book, page in book, time left in chapter, time left in book or none.

8. Add a note to your reading

When reading a particularly exciting chapter or one that took a while to understand, you may want to note something down.

To create a note, open up any book in the library and hold down your finger on the part of the page you wish to note on. When you remove your finger after a few seconds a menu will appear, click Note and then type what you want to write and don’t forget to click Save.

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