A new augmented reality smartphone and tablet app turns animals from static drawings to animations in front of your eyes.

Animal 4D+ Cards is an educational game aimed at children. The app works with flash cards that range from A-Z, with a picture of an animal on each one.

Hold up the card to an Android or Apple tablet and the animal, such as a giraffe and zebra, comes to life in the palm of your hand.  You can also find out facts about each animal – did you know humans began to domesticate horses around 4000 BC?

Check out the video above to find out more.

Animal 4D+ app

Augmented reality (AR) combines real and computer-generated elements. Using your smartphone or tablet you view a virtual scene on top of real-world environment – this scene can be made from graphics, words, video photographs.

AR works using a paper marker with a special image that contains information. The app uses your smartphones camera to scan the marker, software recognises it and generates a visual.

Developed by Octogon Studio Animal 4D+ Cards was on show at London’s Wearable Technology Show, along with an interactive experience of London.

On the stand was a huge map of historical London. Pointing a tablet at the map enabled you to explore different time periods of the capitals history.

For instance you could take a 3D tour of St Paul’s Cathedral and watch the Great Fire of London taking hold with virtual flames.

Animal 4D+ Cards is available now for Android and Apple devices. The cards are available to buy separately but you can download six sample cards from http://4d.octagon-studio.com/ to try it out.

An Octogan spokesperson confirmed an app to accompany the London experience will be available within a month and users will be able to download the map marker from the www.octagon-studio.com