A major consideration for many people when choosing a phone contract is getting the latest smartphone. One way of getting the phone you want is to sign up to a pay monthly mobile phone contract.

BT Mobile offers four simple pay monthly tariffs, offering 500MB, 3GB, 6GB or 15GB of data to suit all users, whether you want to send the odd email, or you enjoy streaming movies and music.

Join BT Mobile and you get some brilliant extras such as free wi-fi, the BT Sport app (on 6GB or higher plans, excluding double data offers on the 3GB plan) and high-speed internet in more places. Read more in our article: 10 reasons for choosing BT Mobile. Join BT Mobile and for a limited time you could get a BT Reward Card!

Discover the advantages of choosing a mobile phone contract with BT Mobile.

Get the phone you want

Mobile phones bought individually can be expensive, particularly if you want are someone who really wants the latest, most advanced phone on the market.

A top of the range handset like the Samsung Galaxy S8 can which cost around £600-£700 for the phone alone, which is more than many people can afford to pay at once.

Opt for a pay monthly contract and you can get the phone you want without having to spend a huge amount of money. Many BT Mobile phones come without any upfront fee, others come with an upfront cost, which is significantly cheaper than having to pay for the handset.

Contracts to suit all budgets

BT Mobile has phones to suit all budgets. The Samsung Galaxy J3 starts at just £12 a month, its bigger brother in the Galaxy range, the Galaxy A5 costs £25, and you can go right up to the top of the range with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Don’t worry about running out of credit

On a pay as you go contract, once you run out of data, minutes or texts you need to top up, which may restrict what you can do with your phone and could mean you can’t stay in touch with friends or family when you’re out and about.

With a pay monthly contract, if you go over your monthly data or call allowance you can still use your phone as normal - so you’ll be able to browse the web, upload photos to Facebook, catch up on the latest news.  Crucially you’ll still be contactable, which brings peace of mind for emergencies, particularly if you are an adult paying for your child’s phone.

Anything you use above your monthly allowance will be charged at BT Mobile’s standard rate. Remember as a BT Mobile customer you can set a spend cap from as low as £5, so you know exactly how much you might spend. BT Mobile will text you when you are close to hitting your spend cap, so you can change the way you use your phone.

Find the plan that suits you

If you are continually going over your allowance, BT Mobile offers flexibility to help you find the right plan.

You can move up to another plan without having to start a new contract, so you can swap from a 3GB plan to a 6GB plan with ease. BT Mobile also lets you move down a plan once every 12 months.

Visit BT Mobile to discover the latest range of phones and deals, with discounts for BT Broadband customers.