Our obsession with smartphones and tablets is leaving an ever increasing amount of germs on our daily devices – and we think you’d be horrified to know just how much bacteria can be found on your shiny, precious gadgets.

A study carried out by Which? in 2013 revealed that our smartphones, tablets and computers harbour far more germs than a toilet seat.

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The results showed that one tablet had 600 units of the staphylococcus aureus bacteria per swab, while another had 15,000 units of enterobacteria. Eight of the 30 tablets tested and seven of the 30 smartphones also had more than 1000 units of enterobacteria. To put it into perspective, a typical toilet seat tends to have a staphylococcus aureus count of less than 20.

Which graphic


But there are ways to clean up your gadgets…

Tools to clean your laptop, keyboard, phone or tablet

Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner and towel 


Amazon- £6.98

To clean smartphone or tablet screens, it’s not advised to use traditional wipes as they may contain chemicals that could ruin your screen.

It is also not recommended to use rough kitchen towel, which could scratch the screen.

Instead, you should opt for using a spray and towel specifically made for screens such as Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner. The Amazon best seller solution is alcohol-free so there’s no risk of damaging your display, and it comes with a towel to use it. 


USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Clean your gadgets

Mini In The Box - £3.18

As we snack at our computer, all sorts of crumbs get clogged in between the keys and can be difficult to remove.

The USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner is powered by your computer’s USB port and sucks out the small bits you can’t reach.

The suction isn’t super-strong – but with the help of the brush attachment, you should get by.

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Betron Super Clean

Clean your gadgets

Amazon - £6.25

Betron Super Clean is another way to get grime from your keyboard.

The Flubber-like goo can also be used on other devices, like your mouse, to absorb the dirt and dust lurking in awkward cavities.

Best of all, it can be reused.

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