Impressed with Michael Middleton's photos of young baby George? In a digital age more photographs are being taken than ever, yet post-birth and early baby pictures are among the most enduring, destined to last a lifetime and be gazed upon again and again.

Research carried out by Nikon found that 58% of first-time fathers admit taking shots within the first 48 hours of birth – despite knowing the new mother didn’t want her photograph taken.

Jeremy Gilbert, spokesperson for Nikon UK said: "Not having time to prepare and people taking unflattering shots is top of the list of their annoyances when it comes to people taking photos of them with their first born.”

Needless to say, then, that it's really important to get them right!

Tips for taking better baby photographs

Professional photographer and Nikon user Arthur Edwards, who photographed William as a baby, has compiled his top tips to help take the perfect baby photograph.

:: Think about the light you’ve got – babies don’t like flash. If you’re in the hospital room, see if mum can move to the window and let the natural light do its job. Our first sight of Diana with baby William was outside of the hospital and the natural light helped the photos look beautiful

:: Think about the time of day you take your pictures. Always catch the baby after a feed and a sleep so they are content, happy and giggly, and not grumpy.

:: Some details may not seem the most attractive things to get into photos, but think about what you’ll want to remember and what might become important ‘firsts’. Baby William became extremely fond of a blue elephant toy, but Diana would move it away from him for pictures. She mentioned once she later wished she’d had a photo to remember the toy, as it was his first favourite.

:: Lots of people will be taking pictures in the same locations, so think about using different backgrounds to help your photos stand out, like a coloured cushion underneath the baby.

:: It’s important to have a good camera, and always have it charged! When a baby has a fit of giggles you need a camera on hand to be able to capture that moment.

:: A top tip for new mums for getting a photo you’ll treasure is to make sure you’re happy with your eye make-up and keep your hair off the face.

:: A tight composition with just faces in the frame will make sure there’s no distracting detail in the background of the shot such as a hospital bed.

:: When you have a great photo, print it. If you haven’t got your memories, you haven’t got anything.

Picture credit: Arthur Edwards.

Picture credit: Arthur Edwards