Father's Day is drawing closer, but what do you get to show your appreciation for your father? Opting for socks or chocolates seems a shame when there are so many fantasic gadgets available.

If you are stumped for inspiration for Father's Day, we've got six amazing - and very different - gadget gifts.


To the point

Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen

Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen

Price: £9.99

Website: Mobilefun

When it comes to traditional presents for men, pens and DIY tools both rank quite highly on the gift list - alongside novelty ties, golf accessories and alcohol.

So if your father is a traditional sort, why not combine these common gifts with this nifty ballpoint pen which also doubles up as a DIY gizmo. We say double up, but actually it's a case of sextuple up. The pen also comes with a ruler, slotted and Philips screwdriver and spirit level. It's then brought up to tech-date with an omnidirectional stylus for use on your phone/tablet.


Bug out

VEX Robotics Ant

VEX Robotics Ant by HEXBUG

Price: £49.99

Website: Argos

Forget the old-fashioned jigsaw, when your pa has some spare time on Father's Day he can instead construct a giant, robotic ant!

With more than 150 pieces that need to be snapped together, your dad can enjoy building the plastic insect (which actually, when you've completed it, looks a little more lobster-like) and then play with it after.

The robotic part comes with the ant's 'brain' - which is sensor-filled to respond differently to various commands. You can then use the remote control to move your creation around.

It does take a few minutes to get the hang of the remote but before you know it, the ant will be spinning around and darting off in all directions.


A page turner

Cewe PhotobooK

Cewe Photobook,

Price:  £5.99

Website: Cewe Photobook

Forget the traditional photo frame or photo album; instead, create a personalised snapshot of your family's memorable moments with this interactive Cewe Photobook.

After downloading the software, you upload the text and pictures onto a template (or create one from scratch) and then once designed, it's sent to you.

There are a variety of sizes, paper types and covers to choose from. However, one option that will appeal to gadget-happy fathers is the video message facility. Upload a video message to your dad, then, when he's looking through the book he can scan the QR code included and view his special video on his smartphone or tablet.


Hit the track

Scalextric C1329 ARC ON

Scalextric C1329 ARC ONE (App Race Control) Set

Price: £129.99

Website: Scalextric

No one is too old for a Scalextric. So, whether he missed out on getting one as a child or is simply monopolising his children's racer set, this could be the ideal gift for those parents who are still very much in touch with their inner child. Unlike the ones from his youth, the C1329 ARC One set will see dad's smartphone/tablet manage and create races.

Simply download the corresponding (and free) app, then using Bluetooth you can choose and monitor your race. If he's particularly proud of his skills he can even post his race stats on social networking sites and challenge friends to beat his records.

A great option if you're splurging out on his gift.


Give it a go

Goodmans GO DAB Radio with Bluetooth Speaker,

Goodmans GO DAB Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

Price: £69.99

Website: Goodmans

One for tech-loving dads on the go, this portable radio comes in a protective rubber coating making it a durable gadget to take out and about.

With a long-lasting battery and splash proof exterior, the radio will see him through a strenuous gardening session with ease.

In addition to playing both FM and DAB radio channels, it comes with Bluetooth and NFC Tap & Pair technology so he can stream his music from his mobile.

If he wants to boost his phone's battery while outdoors, it also comes with a USB charging port. Available in three colours.


The key to success

HTC Fetch

HTC Fetch

Price: £34.99

Website: htcaccessorystore.com

This is the perfect gift for children who are tired of hearing their father say, 'Now where did I leave my wallet/keys/phone?'. This little keyring can be attached to the most frequently lost item, then, via Bluetooth it connects to your smartphone. So if dad can't locate his keys and it's within 15 metres, he can use his phone to find it.

With the touch of a button on your phone, the Fetch will emit a beep so you can track it and the lost item down. It works the other way around too, so if it's your phone you can't find, click the button on the Fetch and your phone will start to ring.