A legal aid website originally set up by a student at Stanford to help people challenge parking tickets is expanding its “robot lawyer” service to include 1,000 legal areas including employment issues  and housing disputes.

DoNotPay was set up by Stanford student Joshua Browder after he became tired of receiving multiple parking tickets. Since then, the company has contested over £7m-worth of parking tickets in the US and UK and expanded to helping low-income refugees to get legal aid – all for free.

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The ‘robot’ is actually a chatbot. Visit the DoNotPay website or open Facebook Messenger and type in what’s wrong and it will come up with solutions to help you.

The bot can automatically generate letters based on the answers users give to questions it asks about the incident involved.

Although the bot can’t go to bat for you in court, it could help to resolve many smaller-scale issues like the landlord refusing to make repairs on housing, or claiming compensation for delayed flights.

“I think businesses should be forced to treat consumers better, and consumer rights bots will hopefully change that,” Browder told Mashable.

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