Major brands at global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show CES have promised to do more to get high resolution in our homes, and have formed an alliance to prove it.

Announced earlier this week by Samsung alongside their new SUHD TV line-up, the UHD Alliance is a partnership between the big name manufacturers, including themselves but also LG, Panasonic, Sharp and Sony as well as movie studios and streaming services.

With high-resolution TVs a huge part of the Las Vegas-based convention, the big names have unveiled plans to work together with movie and TV studios, saying they want to bring the quality that movies and TV are filmed in to customer's homes in the future.

The aim, Samsung says, is to agree and establish standards in video technology, and the Korean firm said the alliance was created "with the consumer in mind, providing information on premium Ultra-HD content and devices to ensure everyone has access to the best home entertainment".

Hyunsuk Kim, president of the visual display business at Samsung said: "As the UHD environment continues to evolve, we are strengthening our commitment to high-quality UHD content and devices.

"The Alliance will encourage the development of high-quality UHD content while distinguishing TVs that provide the most premium UHD viewing experience."

Samsung, along with LG and Sony all made their new TVs headline acts in their press conferences to open CES earlier this week, and the announcement that they will now work more closely with studios when filling those screens could be good news for consumers.

Mike Dunn, president of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, who appeared on stage at Samsung's press conference to announce the deal, said: "The innovative advancements and quality improvements with TVs are evolving rapidly, as seen throughout CES.

"The UHD Alliance will benefit consumers by identifying products and content that will give the true UHD experience."

Another major studio, Warner Bros., are also part of the Alliance.

"These technologies allow us to utilise a much broader palette to tell our stories while providing viewers with true-to-life colours, superior contrast and premium picture quality," Warner Bros president Ron Sanders said.

"Working with a wide industry consortium is the best way to deliver these experiences within premium entertainment."

Streaming service Netflix is another of the announced partners, who will all create a "unified criteria for premium UHD platforms", including looking at ways to bring more 4K video to users, as well as better audio and screen colour.

Although no new features in this year's line-up of ultra HD TVs on display at CES have been confirmed as coming as a result of this partnership, Samsung has said it hopes to have advances to show off in the future.

3D TV has failed to truly take off among consumers, with the shift now moving towards curved displays. The manufacturers involved in the UHD Alliance will be hoping that this new partnership helps them find the next big thing sooner.