Among the squad of new Echo devices Amazon has just unveiled, the little Echo Spot is already proving an early favourite.

The small circular device that has a 2.5-inch screen that displays the time as well as short video news flashes and can be used for video calls has been mooted as the replacement for your bedside alarm clock.

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Even though Amazon also took the covers off a redesigned Echo, a smart home hub powered Echo Plus and several others, the Spot appears to have already won hearts and minds.

The downside to this early excitement is that there is still some time to wait until the Spot will be sitting in your home.

The device is due to launch in the US in December but the UK has to wait until early 2018 to get hands on it.

The price also remains an unknown factor. In the US it’s going for $129.99, so a figure in that region is likely.

Sadly, this makes it one of the more expensive Echo devices Amazon announced – even more than the fully-fledged second generation Echo, which has been redesigned and given a major price cut to £89.99.

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Judging by the early response, the price is one many sound willing to pay.