This augmented reality app turns shopping into a video game

Arround Platform shows users promotional offers and how to reach them in shops.

Press Association
Last updated: 13 April 2018 - 9.17am

A new augmented reality app wants to help turn the mundane grind of shopping into a near gaming experience by guiding users to their target in stores.

Arround Platform describes itself as an “advertising solution in augmented reality”, using holograms overlaid on to a user’s screen when they use the in-app camera.

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When pointed at certain stores the app will show users any items that are on offer, and if selected will then guide them to that product in-store.

All in the style of what looks like a 3D platform game.

The platform will also use cryptocurrency as a form of payment for goods within the app, with the developers hoping to partner with stores and entire shopping malls for its AR promotional deals.

Arround said that as well as a way of finding discounts and special offers, they want the platform to be used to post social media content such as pictures and videos in augmented reality for other users to see.

The app remains in development for now, but the company plans to release for both iOS and Android this year.

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