A British firm has launched what it says is the world's largest and most expensive television, which will set you back £1 million.

The Zeus, which is eight metres wide, five metres high, weighs almost a ton and has a 370-inch 4k resolution screen, has been launched by London firm Titan.

The firm said the screen was built with British technology and is big enough for people to watch the World Cup with life size players.

Anthony Ganjou, Titan's chief executive, said they were the "Aston Martin of televisions" and two of the four it will make have been pre-sold.

He said they are so big they have to be specially built into the gargantuan home of the owner with one "likely to be installed at the bottom of a very large indoor swimming pool".

He said: "We have assembled the best screen technologists in the country to hand-build a British-made screen which would not only be the biggest but the most extraordinary ever conceived.

"Following the interest in the launch range of our ultra-high-end 173 inch domestic screens we decided to create something iconic and the team spent six months building the million-pound screen."

He added: "We are not going to put it in the spare room, that's for certain."

One of the screens has been snapped up by "a British media millionaire", the firm said, with a second to be built on the top of a seafront hotel in Cannes, France.

Mr Ganjou said he launched Titan after his previous marketing firm was asked to have a huge high-resolution television made for the London launch of the Nintendo X-Box One - and was then approached by people wanting to buy one.

The company said the £1 million price tag of the Zeus "excludes the cost of installation and delivery via a custom-built Hummer".