Asthma sufferers will know the importance of keeping an inhaler close in case of emergencies. However, inhalers have a distinct shape and are fairly bulky.  A new type of inhaler has been created that fits into a wallet like a credit card, but can provide an emergency dose of medication for sufferers.

Just 4.3mm thick or as deep as five bank cards, fill Bloom up from the metal canister from your conventional inhaler.

When you need to take your medication, take a puff through the opening – like you are taking breath spray. Each puff is equivalent to one press of the trigger.

Hand holding Bloom inhaler

Bloom holds six doses of medication, so it’s not a direct replacement for your inhaler, more something portable you can keep with you and use in an emergency when you don’t have space for your inhaler.

Made from reinforced steel, it is hermetically sealed to ensure the medicine doesn’t escape.

Bloom is currently awaiting approval from the US FDA. According to its website it is expected to be approved in November. Until then it’s available for pre-order and will cost £29 ($40). There’s no news yet on UK availability.

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