Watch this energetic robot go for a jog

This Boston Dynamics robot is running and jumping.

Press Association
Last updated: 11 May 2018 - 6.12pm

Boston Dynamics has released a video showing its Atlas robot out for a run in the countryside.

Atlas is an advanced robot designed to look like a human – it has arms, legs and 28 joints and is able to mimic the movement of humans. It is nearly 5ft (1.5m) tall, and weighs 165lb (75kg).

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Although the new video doesn’t show Atlas doing anything drastically different from previous videos, it does show Atlas jumping forwards over an obstacle.

The robot is able to move around on rough terrain and jump over objects using stereo vision, range sensing and other sensors.

Boston Dynamics was bought from Google’s parent company, Alphabet, by Japanese firm SoftBank in August last year, but it looks as though developments are surging ahead.

Its other projects include Spot, a dog-like robot; Handle, a robot with legs and wheels, which can pick up heavy loads and manoeuvre over tough terrain; and WildCat, the world’s fastest robot on four legs.

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