Are you fascinated by space and the universe? If so we've got a treat for you - earlier this week we had a live link-up with the International Space Station, hosted by BT Sport’s Craig Doyle and the UK Space Agency's Astronaut Flight Education Programme Manager, Libby Jackson.

BT’s broadcast technology was used to host the live link between New Scientist Live in London and the International Space Station for a chat with astronaut Paolo Nespoli. You can relive the whole event below.

During the 20-minute live broadcast, Paolo talked about life aboard the ISS, the effects of microgravity, the experiments the astronauts perform during missions and what it feels like to look back at the Earth from 200 miles above the planet. 

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Craig Doyle presents Aviva Premiership rugby on BT Sport along with Moto GP coverage.

Running from Thursday September 28 to Sunday October 1, New Scientist Live is a showcase for the latest science and technology innovations, with dozens of speakers and workshops. Click here to find out more.

BT is a one of the main sponsors and has a stand showcasing some of our technical innovations, including BT Sport, BT Labs and Mobility and Emergency Services. Yesterday we broadcast a Facebook Live from the stand and took a tour with BT's Head of Resarch and Innovation Dr Tim Whitley, which you can watch again on our Facebook page.