How would you like a bed that knew your evening routine, so slightly warmed where your feet go just before bedtime?

What about one that could detect you snoring then stop you by raising your head by exactly seven degrees without disturbing your sleeping partner?

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If a smart bed sounds like machines gone too far, you might rethink that after seeing what this new gadget can do.

Sleep Number 360 promises to give you the “smartest, most effortlessly comfortable sleep of your life”.

To achieve this, the bed has two air chambers which react to your movements, adjusting to your body as and when you move about in the night.

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The bed can also wake you during your lightest sleep cycle to avoid those mood-ruining alarm clock starts to the day, and connects to your home thermostat to decide the best temperature for you to fall asleep at.

The bottom of the bed glows with warmth
You’ll never need a hot water bottle again! (Sleep Number)


Like any self-respecting smart home appliance, it has an accompanying mobile app which calculates your “sleep IQ score” ready for you to browse over breakfast.

It is one of the many new inventions that has been presented at the CES Unveiled consumer tech show in Las Vegas, and the manufacturers have also managed to bag an innovation award.

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