Concerned about germs on shopping trolley handles? Cleaning gadget beats bacteria

An easy-to-use cleaning device that helps keep the handles of supermarket trollies free from E.coli and faecal bacteria is being trialled in stores in the Middle East.

Supermarket shopping trolleys used by dozens of people every day are a hotbed of germs, but a US company has developed a product that can kill bacteria with a simple swipe.

According to a 2011 study by the University of Arizona, 73% of shopping trolleys tested positive for faecal bacteria and 50% for E.coli.

Soap maker LifeBuoy has developed a cleaning solution, the Handle on Hygiene, which it claims will kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Swipe it from side to side and it releases soap

The Handle on Hygiene is a circular device that attaches to the handle of a supermarket trolley. As the trolley user swipes it from side-to-side it leaves a layer of soap which cleans and disinfects the trolley handle.

Check out the video below to find out more.

The Handle on Hygiene is currently being trialled in Carrefour supermarkets throughout the Middle East.

Lifebuoy’s marketing manager Bora Ursal says the product has numerous uses beyond shopping.

“We want to use these in hospitals, on trains and on buses,” he said.

The Handle on Hygiene is not currently available in the UK, but if you are really worried about germs, disinfectant wipes are your best bet.

Are you concerned about germs on shopping trolley handles? Do you clean them before you do your shopping? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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