Could bone conduction audio sunglasses be the hottest new summer tech?

Built-in bone conduction technology means you can listen to music or take calls without earphones.

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Last updated: 3 July 2018 - 10.40am

A new pair of multi-purpose sunglasses could be a treat for your ears as well as your eyes thanks to bone conduction audio technology.

SEESUN B:CON sunglasses feature bluetooth and a bone conduction transducer so users can not only protect their eyes but also listen to music or answer calls with little hassle.

Bone conduction has the added benefit of being an open-ear solution, meaning wearers can still hear their surroundings on the move.

SEESUN is trying to raise 10,000 dollars (£7,600) to fund the project on Kickstarter, charging super early bird backers 99 dollars (£75) for a pair of the sunglasses.

SEESUN B:CON sunglasses

It’s not the first time bone conduction has been seen on sunglasses, although SEESUN is promising “superior sound quality”.

Google Glass smart glasses also used bone conduction when they launched in February 2013.

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