Good news for fans of digital radio, as 18 new DAB stations will take to the airwaves by the end of March.

The UK’s second national digital radio multiplex was switched on on February 29 by Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport John Whittingdale.

The multiplex is owned by Sound Digital, a joint venture between Arquiva, Bauer and UTV Media GB, which won the licence in 2015.

The 18 new channels include talkRadio, Planet Rock, talkSport 2, Heat and Jazz FM. Twelve are available now and the rest will launch by the end of March.

How to retune your digital radio

In order to listen to the new channels, Ofcom is recommending people retune their digital radio.

Look for a button called Autotune, AutoScan or Scan and press it.

Alternatively, look for the Menu button and then Autotune, AutoScan or Scan.

For more detailed instructions head to Get Digital Radio.

Ofcom also revealed it will be extending its small-scale DAB trial for two more years. The trial allowed smaller stations (such as local radio) to broadcast using free software from instead of expensive equipment.

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Do you listen to DAB radio? Are you excited about any of the new channels? Let us know in the Comments section below.