The thought of parcel delivery by drone would have been unheard of a few years ago, but in 2014 Amazon announced it was considering using drones to deliver packages within 30 minutes.

This was followed by  Deutsche Post's drone package service and a HorseFly drone that works alongside delivery trucks. Now Swiss Post has announced it will be trialling drone delivery.

From July, Swiss Post will be delivering small packages using drones as part of a trial with air-freight company Swiss World Cargo and drone developer Matternet.

The drone use will be restricted to “exceptional cases or the transport of special items”.

Check out the video above to see the drone in action.

White Swiss Post drone in sky

Swiss Post said that in the future drones could be used in various applications from delivery to remote areas and express delivery.

The drone being used during the trial is the Matternet One, which has been designed especially for transportation and can carry packages weighing 1kg over distances of 20km per charge.

Controlled by an app, the drone follows a low-altitude flight path 50-100m above the ground using a route determined by a cloud-based routing system.

Swiss post drone in hand

The drone delivery service is just a trial at the moment and Swiss Post believes that it won’t be widespread for at least five years after technical restrictions (such as limited battery life) and the regularity framework have been clarified.

By then, the company believes drones will have a place within emergency situations. “This could, for example, involve bringing supplies to an area that has been cut off from the outside world following a storm. Another realistic possibility is the urgent transport of consignments with the highest priority, such as laboratory tests,” it said.

We’ve not seen drone delivery in the UK yet, but with Amazon approaching the Government about trialling a delivery service, it can’t be far off.

What do you think about drones delivering small packages? Do you think there’s a place for it, or does it worry you? Let us know in the Comments section below.