Imagine being able to eat anything you wanted, from doughnuts to a Michelin star meal, without any of the calories or the expense – a new virtual reality experience is aiming to make this a possibility.

Project Nourished combines a VR headset with other sensory triggers, including scents, a bone-conducting transducer to mimic the sound of chewing and even a virtual cocktail glass that can simulate intoxication.

The system focuses on the “perception of a meal” and attempts to recreate vision, taste, smell, texture, consistency and sound that you would associate with eating a meal.

The headset is made from 100% recycled paper, and uses a slotted-in smartphone to power the visual aspect of the system.

Though there is a large amount of showmanship around the experience, several health and medical benefits have also been claimed by the developers, Los Angeles-based Kokiri Lab.

Project Nourished


The firm suggested the experience could be useful to those looking to lose weight by offering stimulation without calories, as well as give those with allergies the chance to “eat” anything they want without an impact on their health.

There’s no definitive date for when and if Project Nourished will become available to the public, though pre-orders of different scent packs and the headset are available to order from the firm’s website, with shipping estimated to be some time this summer.