This espresso maker does not use plastic coffee pods

Cafelat, a manual espresso coffee maker, has smashed its fundraising target on Kickstarter.

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Last updated: 21 May 2018 - 10.08am

An espresso-making coffee robot that eliminates the need for plastic coffee pods has beaten its Kickstarter fundraising target.

Hong Kong-based company Cafelat has launched its Cafelat Robot, a manual coffee maker that gives its users a high-quality espresso with just ground coffee and hot water.

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The robot, first created in 2015, is designed to work with freshly ground coffee or supermarket ground coffee, eliminating the need for plastic coffee capsules.

Similar to the mechanics of a professional coffee machine, the Cafelat Robot works with just hot water and ground coffee, which is turned into a biodegradable “coffee puck” after use.

Paul Pratt, founder of Cafelat, said: “Do not be fooled by the toy-like cutesy Robot looks, the robot means business and is capable of pulling espresso shots like a professional machine.”

Cafelat has smashed its HK 400,000 dollar (around £37,000) goal by over 36,000 dollars (around £4,000).

Each coffee robot costs from 1,870 dollars (around £170), and the devices are estimated to be delivered by September 2018.

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