This Ford Focus displays your emotions as you drive to other road users

A ‘buzz moment’ is indicated by a big flashing animation on the car’s exterior.

Press Association
Last updated: 24 January 2018 - 9.32am

The future of letting people know how you feel on the road might be about to undergo a revolution, thanks in part to this Ford concept car.

The modified Ford Focus RS is equipped with exterior lights that give an indication of the driver’s emotions on the inside.

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“The Buzz Car is a special concept car which is meant to allow for not only the measurement of people’s emotional responses, but also the display of those emotional responses as the driver is feeling them,” said Dr Harry Witchel, a professor of physiology.

Ford have worked with neuroscientists and designers to create the customised car using wearable and artificial intelligence tech to animate the drivers’ emotions.

The tech responds on a second-by-second basis, and visualises the results on the side of the car, with a ‘buzz moment’ indicated by a big flashing animation.

It’s impressive stuff, although perhaps not something you’d be keen to turn on during rush hour on the drive home.

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