Glasgow’s Subway system is aiming to become the first in the UK to first in the UK to operate without any staff on trains.

As part of a £288 million revamp of the city’s Subway system, which includes new trains, signalling and other equipment, a trial will be run that sees the full system operate without any staff.

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Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), which runs the Subway, said trains, signalling, the operational control centre and doors on the platform will all be automatic, a system it is calling Unattended Train Operations (UTO).

Some parts of the London Underground operate autonomously, including trains on the Docklands Light Rail, however staff are on board to operate the doors.

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When the trial of UTO begins towards the end of 2018 close to Rangers FC’s Ibrox stadium, it will be without staff for the most part.

If successful, the system could be rolled out further from 2020.

The SPT has said it will continue to put staff on the busiest trains, and CCTV will be introduced for the first time to maintain safety.

Charles Hoskins, the SPT’s senior director told The Scotsman: “We will always have staff in the system, but it is not our plan to have a member of staff on every train. These will be the first fully driverless trains in the UK.”

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