An inventor in the UK has created the world’s first fine china heated mug.

The Glowstone Heated Smart Mug keeps your hot drink at the perfect temperature of 60-65°C for 30 minutes, or until you’ve finished your drink. It’s also washable in the dishwasher and heats itself on a wireless charging coaster, for a tea-drinking experience which is revolutionary yet pleasantly normal.

The mug has a light at its base to show when the mug is heating, and it only starts doing so when the temperature of it’s contents drops below 65°C to conserve energy and preserve the heat of the drink. The mug automatically stops heating when it detects the last sip of tea has been drunk, or by being turned upside down or place on its charge mat.

Glowstone mug on mat next to coffee machine
(Glowstone/ Youtube)

Currently the mug has Kickstarter page with almost £15,000 donated of its £35,000 goal. Higher pledges to the page offer some benefits, the price of a mug with charger currently being £69. Pledges of £5,000 promise to have the inventor of the product, Thomas Gostelow, work with the donor to design their own exclusive set of mugs.

Glowstone mug being drank from
(Glowstone/ Youtube)

Gostelow has created a series of designs for the innovative mug, which has surprised him: “The results were better than expected. Not only was it keeping my drinks hot, they seemed to taste better.”

“We’re onto version four and while we’ve added useful features. We’ve kept it simple and made the mug fully automatic. All you have to do is charge it – the mug does everything else, apart from wash itself.”

Glowstone mug in dishwasher
(Glowstone/ Youtube)