Google’s latest Doodle pays homage to everyone’s favourite time-traveller - Doctor Who.

Visitors to the search engine today can take on the role of their favourite Doctor – all 11 are available in 8-bit glory – and travel through a series of levels collecting letters to spell the word ‘Google’. 

The Doctor’s mortal enemies the Daleks are on hand ready to shriek ‘exterminate!’ at you should you fail.

Earlier this year a petition requesting Google do a doodle to celebrate  Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary garnered over 4,000 signatures.

According to The Guardian, the doodle was designed by a team led by Brit Matthew Cruickshank and known internally as the ‘Whodle.’

Cruickshank said: “He’s a Time Lord, a time traveller, so I really wanted to get the feeling across that you could travel to different eras.

“I definitely didn’t want you to just play one level…. I love the idea of the Doctor being able to zoom around the universe.”

The game is currently live at and is expected to roll out around the world later today. Have a go – it's extremely addictive.

Google regularly changes its homepage logo to celebrate events and anniversaries with colourful graphics or occasionally interactive games. This year’s Doodles have included celebrations of the 100th Tour de France, the 216th anniversary of the first parachute jumps, and the 126th anniversary of the birth of Erwin Schrodinger.