Google has created a website that reveals the most popular “How to” searches entered into Google around the world, with DIY queries dominating the results.

Research by Google News Labs has been turned into a “visual essay” by Xaquin G.V. detailing the different things UK internet users turn to Google Search to find out.

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The most common searches in the UK revolved around how to fix things around the house – walls, doors and windows were among the most frequent inquiries.

Light bulbs, sinks and toilets also featured in the top results.

But it wasn’t just DIY-related tasks that were common “How tos” users wanted to know more about – how to boil an egg, how to kiss and how to tie a tie were all common searches among global users.

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The essay revealed how so-called “coming-of-age questions” such as how to make money and how to start a business were also popular searches.

The essay also showed how searches are affected by timing – queries on how to lose weight spike in January and early summer as Google searchers chase that “beach body”, while cooking asparagus searches follow the vegetables growing season, according to the research.

Google’s search engine is the most widely used in the world, clocking up more than 3.5 billion searches every single day.

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