Technology giant Google has announced it plans to start delivering goods by drone in 2017.

Google unveiled its drone-delivery concept Project Wing in 2012. Project leader David Vos told an air traffic control convention the company is aiming to have its commercial business up and running by 2017, according to Reuters.

Little is known about Google’s drone, beyond the video posted below showing a delivery field test in Australia.

Packages could be dropped from the air to the ground using a wire and the drone could travel at speeds of 5 miles in 5 minutes.


Unmanned drones bring up multiple safety issues, including potential near-misses with planes, in-air collisions and crash landings.

In October the Obama administration announced plans for a drone registry, setting up a task force, which includes Vos. Recommendations are due later this month, with details due to be finalised before Christmas.

The company is currently talking with the US Federal Aviation Administration and others dealing with issues such as communication and air traffic control safety.

Vos said he’d like ‘Class G’ airspace to be used by commercial drones. This is currently classified as uncontrolled airspace and he says it would keep these drones away from manned aircraft.

Google isn’t the only company looking at drone delivery:  Amazon announced it was testing drone delivery ‘Prime Air’ in 2014, Swiss Post, and Deutsche Post have also been testing drone flights.

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